Investors First Summit


Investors First! Summit was held by CARF and CFA Society Istanbul in Boğaziçi University Albert Long Hall on 29 May 2015.

CFA Institute defines the main aim of this concept: “While the idea of putting investors first is simple and straightforward, in practice it can be difficult, and conflicts of interest abound. We recognize these challenges and seek to provide guidance on how to manage them. Clear and objective standards like the CFA Institute Code and Standards provide a foundation, and we are committed to promoting debate and discussion to move the industry forward and address complex matters.

With this work there are two important stakeholders: the financial services professionals that serve customers, and the customers themselves. For both groups we endeavor to provide resources to ensure that the future of finance is bright for everyone.”

Also CARF (Center for Applied Research in Finance) announced the first feedback of the pilot study “Investment Trust Survey” in this summit which includes key indicators for the players of the investment markets and the trust of investors.

News about the survey:

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